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The Pirates The Pirates

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

After several attempts I was able to get this game to work, for some reason after clicking the instructions menu it makes it impossible for me to click "Play" and start the game.

After switching browsers I got the game to run, where the game was alright. I could move around, switch cannons and fight the ships until I blew up. Unfortunately though, I couldn't get the game to start again afterwards.

I have no clue what is causing these problems, but fixing the menu will make it so people will get a chance to play and enjoy it.

Other than that, the game just needs some polish. Making the menu a bit more lively and perhaps level selection or difficulties could certainly help. As well you could adjust the enemy A.I so they sail in different ways as opposed to always heading directly in a straight line to your ship to try and ram you.

All of that would help to make things more enjoyable.
So I wish you luck, and hope that an upgraded project will result from this. :)

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juanman29 responds:

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the problems, this is my first game and I still have a lot to learn yet.

Tripower Tripower

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I think something might have gone wrong when you exported this to NewGrounds, because when I open up this page all I see is a blue screen with a few different coloured shapes that never move.

I'm sure this is where a cinematic or gameplay was supposed to start, but for me it is completely frozen. I tried using different web browsers just in case the game wasn't compatible but that also didn't work. Pressed buttons, clicked everywhere, nothin'. It's a darn shame man.

However, I'm sure if you look at the programming or re-export it again and re-upload it should (hopefully) work and I'll be able to play the game the way it was meant to be played. :)

Best of luck!

AdrianAlanBullock responds:

Thank you for your analysis and your opinion. I'm trying to re-work the programming as we speak. Of course, I don't know how many levels I will create, given that this is my actual first time using Construct 3 or any version of Construct for that matter. Also, I can't promise sound effects because I just found out about Construct 3, so I will see what I can do.

Lizard Life Lizard Life

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Not bad!
The game has no real glitches and the game is a good test of one's patience and concentration.
After about a half an hour and several failed attempts I was able to catch all of the flies and got to the end screen, so the game is 100% beatable.

The only thing that seemed a bit off was that the Salamanders' tongue would sometimes go nowhere near as far as I had clicked. Not sure if this was deliberate to keep me on my toes with some RNG, or if it's just my computer bugging out temporarily.

I was able to get a good amount of fun from it, but as it stands the game is a little bit limited in terms of animation and extra things to do.
I can play the game as many times as I want, sure, but to help improve the games' longevity, it wouldn't hurt to try adding some extra game modes or challenges.

You're probably all finished with this game, but if you ever decided to make a sequel or revamp this game, here are a few suggestions that I'm sure would make it better.

-The tutorial at the start is short, sweet and to the point, but afterwards it should lead to a small menu with options and different modes to play before starting the game.
-An options menu could allow things such as sound muting, song changes and different colours for the flies. Customizations or different Salamanders? You name it! It would help people if they got tired listening to the same trance song while they played.
-The Salamander is always clinging to the wall perfectly still, even before it explodes in a violent burst of light. Adding a quick intro animation of it climbing into position (like Salamanders' do in REAL LIFE :D ) might help to give it some charm and personality, make me NOT want to accidently cause it to blow up.
-The end game screen isn't the most exciting victory screen I've ever seen. Perhaps a small sound effect and some fireworks, or even a song change would help the sense of accomplishment seem a bit more impressive and lively.
-More modes...
---Survival Mode - With a score counter and endless flies
---Timed Mode - Endless Flies, how many can you catch with custom time limits?
---New Game + - More flies, more colours, more focus needed.
---Challenges - Never catch a flie with a unique colour that flies rapidly everywhere, it won't leave you alone!
---Hurry Up Mode - Waiting too long or being too cautious will occasionally cause more flies to show up. Can you spot an opening fast enough?
-An animation of the Salamander squiggling when it catches the wrong colour of flie, he tastes his mistake and realizes he's about to go boom, maybe he should panic. haha

Nothing wrong with a focus test game, but with some tweaks I'm sure it can be a lot more impressive. Keep it up and keep improving!

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Werneck responds:

Wow, thanks so much for the extensive feedback! I agree with all your points, and will definitely take your suggestions into consideration.

I'll definitely work further on lizard life! I've been forcing myself to publish small, bare-essentials versions of my game ideas at the moment, as I work alone and have been struggling with projects that are too big or too ambitious and see the light of day.

I'll likely repost a more complete version of Lizard Life in two weeks or so, and many of your suggestions will be incorporated there. Meanwhile, if you have the time, check out my game Hexpulse, here on Newgrounds. It's a lot more complete, but I could use some feedback on it, too :)

QuaRkZ QuaRkZ

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoy out smarting machines. :P

Slime Mix Slime Mix

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The has good music and a nice art style, and functions well when playing.
However there is a bug that freezes the game after trying to replay a level. when you run out of time. If you could correct this glitch so the replay button works without crashing the game, the game would be a 4/5.
Best of luck to you!

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Popipo Fruit Eat Popipo Fruit Eat

Rated 2 / 5 stars

The game concept is alright! A falling object collection game with a Vocaloid art style.
The movement works as well as the object randomization and score counter. I never encountered any glitches either, all losses were my fault alone.
There are a few things however that could be improved upon that would ultimately make the game better and more enjoyable to play.

-The fruits are a little bit pixelated and blurry. This might be due to increasing the size of the original sprites. From what I can tell the bad fruit is supposed to look like an weird angry face, but looks a little bit distorted. Going over and redoing these sprites would make them look nicer and more easily distinguishable.
-The choose music menu shows up during the game, and blocks the view of the playable character when they pass it. Moving the menu to the top left or making it semi transparent (or both) would easily solve this issue.
-Adding some quiet 8-bit moving sounds for when Miku moves around and dashes would help add to the retro game feel you were going for.
-As well while this is a tribute to a Flash Loop, you could take a few liberties and add some additional animation for when the character moves around. Your finished game could be better than the original loop. :D
-Aside from the music that the player chooses, the game is pretty empty in terms of sound.
I especially notice this when I lose the game and get taken back to the main menu.
Just hit and then instantly dead. :P
---Adding a simple sound effect and a Game Over screen would be a nice touch and would also make the player try harder not to lose. Having a song that plays while you are in the menu would also be a good addition.
-On the main menu, having a colour underneath the fruit descriptions would make them stand out more and make the menu look nicer.
The game has potential and I know you can make it a lot better.
If you add a few things to the menu and the gameplay this tribute game could a lot better.
Best of luck!

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Thief in the Dark (1.0) Thief in the Dark (1.0)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Yikes! I know museums have high security, but I think PIKES might be a little extreme. :P

Not bad! The game is playable and I'm able to move around without glitches or bugs.
I do have some suggestions that should make the game better should you decide to release a new version.

-While the character is a ninja, adding some quiet sound effects for jumping and landing would improve the atmosphere of the game, and make him seem more ninja like.
-Same as above, when the ninja walks over or is hit with a laser, adding an electronic humming sound would make it seem like the security is slowly starting to detect him, and would make it more nerve racking.
-Some spike pits are impossible to get out of when the ninja falls in. That said, with these specific pits, the player should get an instant game over so it becomes less frustrating having to wait to get caught.
-Adding a Victory jingle and a Game Over jingle would make winning and losing seem more important.
-The floating platforms that move from left to right move from underneath the ninja while he stands on it. If you could find a way to have him move along with platform, it would prevent accidental fall offs.
-When moving around museums, sometimes the floor covers the Ninja's Detection Bar. Moving this icon so it always show up above obstacles would prevent it from being blocked.
-Having to restart all the way from the beginning after losing is a little bit harsh. Having a checkpoint every couple of levels or every level would prevent people from getting irritated and stop playing.
-A quick 'Boop' sound effect for when a button is pressed.
-Adding a couple of extra animations for being idle (standing still), such as the ninja looking both ways or crouching would be a nice touch.

This game has potential, a few tweaks and this could be a really good game. Good work! :P

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07raffaello responds:

Thank you very much my friend, your suggestions will be considered for the final version, we hope to learn and make better development of the game in the next version.

Blink Pong Blink Pong

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This functions perfectly!
If my eyes get damaged I can always play this game. :P

This is a fairly minor suggestion, but having the digital voice list goals at the start such as getting to 11 before the computer and getting a shutout for medals would help out someone who was competitive and visually impaired.

Great work!

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Beast's Fury Chibi Beast's Fury Chibi

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors with animal people and health bars, its got my vote. :P
I'm facing some minor complications with the KickStarter process, but I hope I can send a donation your guys way soon. :)

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks for trying to help :D

Tech Trace Tech Trace

Rated 2 / 5 stars

For what it is the game is alright. A matching game with digital equipment and energy pictures.
I'd say the game was good if it weren't for the exclusion of a few features.

-The game doesn't have anything in the way of sound effects of background music.
While not necessary for a game, it is always a nice touch to have a little bit of music.
I'm sure the fine folks of NewGrounds would be more than happy to share some of their music with you if you gave them credit.
-The How To Menu and Options menu have nothing inside of them. This may have been a joke based on the simplicity of the game, but even then, adding...
---A mute button in the options menu should you decide to add sound effects or a music track that plays in the background or menu.
---A simple demonstration in the how to menu (mouse hovering over cards and flipping them over)
---A card option, more cards for people that want a challenge and less cards for people that want to practice.
These adjustments would give the menus are reason to be in the game, as opposed to just being a joke.
-There is no restart button upon completing the game. I have to refresh the page in order to play again. While a minor complaint, adding a restart button would make it so the game functions and can restart within itself without any external means.
-The game has a timer and a score counter, having a high score show up upon beating the game would make it so people could challenge themselves again or others. Adding a restart button as well would help to achieve this end.

It would be cool to see if you revisit this game and improve it.
Good work for now though! :P