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A great toon to be sure! I'd remember it for a long long time if I wasn't vaguely threatened to forget all about it by a TV show host.

Your blender skills are improving too! I dig your experiments with the different types of vertigo effects and truck ins.

Keep up the cool projects Gooseworx, I hope they're as fun to make as they are to watch. :)

Such a massive build-up for a Tron joke made me lose it.
Great work dude! :P

I haven't been that caught off guard in a while. I thought Sheriff Bean Sr. was gonna do some serious wrasslin' and save the day. :P

Awesome camera angles and action, I await whatever cool project comes out next in whatever capacity. :)

ChutneyGlaze responds:

4 stars. I'm honored 😌

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A fine game to kill about 15 minutes or so. :)

Interesting concept, with getting to the being to get the goal but a move counter is forcing you to think more cautiously about your steps. Game starts off with easy tutorial levels, then gets a bit more complicated, however, towards the end you relied a little too heavily on the 'shoot a skeleton while it's right beside you' gimmick that the game pretty much turned into only doing that in order to progress.

Larger levels with more possible paths to take and perhaps different colored keys to release different groups of skeletons would bring back the strategy element of the game and get back on track to your 'flight or flight' to save moves mechanics.

Tile based movement seems to read just fine, but the character movement is perhaps a little bit too slow for people playing the game more than once. You could have the character move at the speed they do now if the directional button is clicked once, and is sped up if the player keeps pressing the button, just to make the game faster if a player was trying to get back to a certain level.

Aside from that, a bit more polish and maybe some cutscenes or an intro would be a nice touch. 'Why' does the player only have so many steps per floor? Why are they exploring in there? Why are unsolicited skeleton smooches so undeniably lethal? Inquiring minds wanna know. :P

A couple more songs to choose from would also be a nice touch for people playing the game for a little bit longer than most...

And lastly, the game has no 'Play Again?' button after it's beaten. So I had to exit the page and come back in order to replay it after I beat it. Just little improvements like this would be nice and helpful.

Good start, but there is always room for improvement. Keep it up!

Rediscovered this game just in time for the Halloween season. :)

I dig this!
Sometimes you get really unlucky with piece placement due to the random nature of this game, but when things are perfectly scattered, the game can get genuinely intense and I find myself actually trying to utilize higher level strategy and long drawn out thoughts about piece sacrifices. haha

Good game!

Where's the safety inspector?! Who allowed this library to get built? :P
Not bad, but there are a few issues that kinda take away from the fun factor.


-The biggest issue is that the jump button doesn't work all of the time. I'll try to jump to the last platform of the second area, I hear the jump sound effect, but then I fall straight into to the abyss.

Same thing happens when I try jumping on the spot. Most of the time it works, but it won't just often enough to cause a pitfall. Since I've no experience in Construct, I don't know how the programming works. However, I can mention the details that cause non-jumps to occur.

-Whenever the character tries to jump from a quick pivot to another direction.
-When trying to jump off a platform moving up and down.
-When trying to jump while running on a platform

-The game is a little bit empty in the sound department, which sort of hurts the atmosphere of the game a little bit. If you wanted there to be no music to help the player focus, then you could add some sound effects to help give the player useful context. Such as...

-A sound effect for a restart back at the beginning, 'cuz BOY did I die a lot. :P
-A sound effect for the fireballs, as they almost blindsided me each time. Just something to act as a 'HEY THINK FAST!', y'know? haha
-Unique sounds for falling or landing on spikes. Something to let you know you made a mistake. Nothing loud of course, as that'd get obnoxious after playing too much.

-Another problem is that I walked into a wall after getting through a section, and then immediately died and restarted. I'm assumed that there might have been a trap that was GOING to come after me, but it hadn't come out of the wall nor was there any indication that something was there. The reason I went to check the wall was because in previous sections I had to go through a fake/hidden corridor to flip a switch, so I felt kinda ripped off.
I know now that there was a fireball that was going to come out, but it should only have killed me if it was launched. A way to fix this would be to have it spawn after reaching the middle of the corridor, as opposed to just coming out of hiding from the wall.


Just make sure you can smooth out the controls to prevent faultless deaths. Those kinds of deaths are especially frustrating in a platforming game where control is the focus of the game.

Best of luck! : D

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(inserts quarters)

Off season remixes are how I trick my brain into thinking it isn't boiling out during the Summer time, so thanks for this icy tune. :P

A good combination of being faithful to the original and adding some spice with the new synths. Good stuff!

hoboka305 responds:

Thanks for leaving a comment! My remixes don't get enough love at NG >.<

Some good stuff. :)

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Hey! I beat Sly 2 again just a few days ago.
Great rendition and instantly recognizable with the comic book style, just in time for Halloween.
Keep it up. :)

Good stuff. :)

Load'sa charm, even if a couple of them are a little bit hasty. Even still, they are all funny.

Keep it up! :D

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