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My First Trophy!

2016-12-23 20:28:24 by Syrupmasterz

Syrupmasterz First Trophy

My first trophy! (that I earned fair and square)
Thank you all so much for watching! :D


It took over four months to plan it, approve the animatic, lay it out, rough it, clean it, and then scan/colour every drawing in ToonBoom. Some of the planned scenes weren't able to make it due to the strict deadlines and had to be put aside to save the other ones, and I've gotta say...FLUID ANIMATION IS HARD!
This is probably the year I've had the least amount of good sleep, 2015 had more sleep in just the first half!

However, despite my mild dissapointment about missing a couple of scenes and having some serious catching up on sleep to do, looking back I'd say this film has been a blast.

Working on a cartoon of this scale and detail has been such a surreal experience. I've had the opportunity to work alongside cool animation people from all around the world and see everyone's different approaches to tricky camera angles and poses. Not to mention I've made some badass friends along the way.

Anyone who has seen my past work will notice a significant increase in animation quality, and by the time I graduate I'll have two cool films to show you all. (as long as I don't make any money off of it :P ).

See ya in the Winter!

Hello people who may or may not care about anything I say or do! :D

I have recently enrolled into animation school and things are going pretty well! I'm learning some useful tecniques and tricks that will defintly improve the quality of my animations and art from here on out.

As a result of this schooling though I have a bit less free time to spend on animations that aren't for school, so they won't be coming out as fast as they could be (not that I was ever that fast to begin

WORRY NOT! The animations that I've talked about making will most certainly be made, they just might take a while is all. As well I'm still doing random nonsense on the site that isn't ultra labour intensive, so I haven't gone far :P
The cartoons that will eventually be made are...

-A Kill La Kill Parody
-More Pokemon Collab Cartoons with TheMewx
-An Original Animation
-A Fanimation of Blood Bowl

Even if I'm so busy I can't even work on these at all this year, I have every intention of making then when I get ouf of school. So just sit back and relax...for about 10 months or so and you'll see something from me eventually in terms of animation.

See you then!


2015-11-06 22:35:00 by Syrupmasterz

I have pulled myself out of the terrible abyss known as the Art Block.
Progress is finally rolling on my animations again and you should all hear from me again soon.

Just know that I'm working on a Kill La Kill Parody and the Blade Regalia is absurdly hard to draw unless you were one of the people who originally animated the show. Later!


Laziness issues

2015-09-26 07:34:45 by Syrupmasterz

It has become abbundantly clear that I procrastinate...a lot.
At this point in the year, I was supposed to have finished my contribution to the Kill La Kill Collab, and a couple more submissions for The Pokemon Collab that me and TheMewx are cooking up.

What I have currenly are a few started projects with storyboards and script, and a few seconds of complete animation at most on them.

Needless to say, I need to kick myself back into the swing of things and become the animator I want to be...the kind that actually animates things.

I swear, that from this point on I won't get distract-oh hey an eagle, don't see many of those around here...

Thank You NewGrounds!

2014-07-04 03:52:49 by Syrupmasterz

Thanks to the collaboration fourm here on the site, I got all the audio I needed for my upcoming project.
The voices people sent to me were hilarious and awesome, so much so that I'm honing my art skills so I can do them justice in my animation.

Once I get a bit more practice I'll get right to work on it.

Thanks again! :D

Arrival to Newgrounds

2014-04-20 18:03:46 by Syrupmasterz

Hello Newgrounds!

I am an animator who has a problem.

I start more animations than I finish and I need to kick myself into gear and actually finish things.


I feel if I join some Newgrounds collabs and/or competitions, the deadlines might ACTUALLY force me to see an animation from beggining to end in a fairly short period of time. Then maybe the thrill of completing something will give me the artistic rush neccessary so I can finish my gigantic stash of projects.

I've been coming to this site for about 2 years now and I figured it was time I actually participated in something.

With that said, I look foward to what Newgrounds has to offer...WISH ME LUCK!