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Rats & Rice Rats & Rice

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I got quite a few confused chuckles out of this film, which is what I'm sure you were after when you made this. :P

I'm a little conflicted with the rating I'm giving though. On one hand it's a deliberately deranged film with a lot of lazy and messed up art, but on the other it's got some well done scenes with cool lighting and cinematography.

So basically I'll say that you made a film I could enjoy, but working on your art will go a long way, even when trying to mess with people's heads. haha

Keep up the good work man!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Try to fix those audio spikes, lower the blizzard volume ever so slightly and I think you're set. :P

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The Final Battle of Meme War 2 (Countryball Animation) The Final Battle of Meme War 2 (Countryball Animation)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Eyy you got out of your art rut! :D

Not bad! I know the concept is based on the memeballs I've seen going around, which is good for a simple animation exercise.

Perhaps with the text you could have added some of those RPG text noises since the jokes are based on the written dialog as opposed to voice acting. Would double as an extra joke.

Other than that, I enjoy your choice of camera angles/cinematography, but you can always add a tiny bit more detail and flourishes to the animation.

6.4/10 would meme again.

Even as a Canadian, I forgot that there were angry Canadians that clubbed seals. lol

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Frumplequest the Conquistador: EMBARRASSMENT (part 3) Frumplequest the Conquistador: EMBARRASSMENT (part 3)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The Frumplequest crew certainly has a knack for making videos that are a complete head trip...even the "tame" ones are bizarre.

I dig all the imagination and effort that goes into these.
Great work! :D

Kill la Kill The Flash Collab Kill la Kill The Flash Collab

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

All of the voice actors and animators did an awesome job!
I thoroughly enjoyed watching how this all came together, I only wish I wasn't slow as hell so that I could've actually contributed to this. I'll still finish my part to honour you guys and the voice actors though.

Great work everybody! :D

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Cry and Chey: Don't Starve - Part 1 of 3 Cry and Chey: Don't Starve - Part 1 of 3

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good so far!

I'm impressed with the amount of different drawings this animation has. While not every scene has lip sync while Cry and Chey talk, it is well done when it is used.

I'm not sure how far along you are with the other parts but having roughly the same level of drawing quality (if not better) with some additional scenes with lip sync would make for an enjoyable mini-series. :)

Keep it up!

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Rixian responds:

Alrighty!! >u</ will try

Good Idea vs Bad Idea - SMASHING! Good Idea vs Bad Idea - SMASHING!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad! :P

In terms of writing and pacing I'd say things were pretty good, although I think there could still be some more frames of animation added to the cartoon.

When it's the 'smashing' party, people are moving around and hand gestures are being made. With the 'smash' party, movement is limited to just one character just moving his thumb. While the joke was meant to show that not all that much was happening, you could add some simple shoulder/hand movements from the players as well as some blinking. Just adds to the animational merit and overall quality of the cartoon.

Just something to keep in mind, but I enjoyed the cartoon regardless.
Keep it up! :)

danger in the kitchen danger in the kitchen

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad! My Spanish isn't the greatest but the English Subtitles help.
As well the camera angles and music is able to get the punch line across, so fluency in Spanish isn't required. I got a quick chuckle out of this in the end. :P

I'd say the few things that could help to improve this video would be some additional lip sync, some more movement from your character and clearer voice acting.

-In the beginning of the video, your character pulls out her phone, is moving her arms while cooking and has lip sync. Towards the end of the video, the character animation becomes fairly limited. Even when characters have shocked expressions, adding frightened lip sync and movement can help to convey the message and jokes in your animation.

-With your voice acting, I think speaking a bit louder and trying to match the emphasis your character would have in this situation will help your video become clearer and easier to understand, regardless of the language being spoken. :)

Your videos have potential, keep improving and you'll be doing better in no time! :D

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Famcomix responds:

hey thank you very much for your criticism is helpful

I feel good that the video made you laugh even a little.

at the end of the video we wanted to finish it because of time.

And also use the excuse that in the anime whenever the main character goes into shock becomes as stone or cardboard.

With respect to the voice, you're absolutely right, Ellie gets a little nervous when she does his dialogues, but is only a matter of practice.

Thank you very much, hopefully follow us an keep an eye on us as we try to upload a video a week or every two weeks.


Resident Evil: Animated Resident Evil: Animated

Rated 4 / 5 stars

"But just-take-A LOOK AT THIS!"
The lipsync and expression in that bit was done extremely well, the rest is also doofy and hilarious; which is what I'm sure you were going for. :P

Great work with the character art and shading as well, it's good to see your skills continue to improve over time.

Keep it up Greg!

A Resident Evil 4 Thing A Resident Evil 4 Thing

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good for your first official animation. :P
I have a few suggestions that might help you in your future endeavours, should you be interested.

-It seemed like your animation ended a little too abruptly. That may have been the point since you plan on making a second one, but if you ended it after Leon fought off the Ganado you could pick it right back up in the next part. You could also have a screen that mentions that there will be a second part within the movie, but that is just a suggestion.

-Your lip sync skills at the beginning seemed pretty good, adding these to the communication scenes would help add to the animation quality.

-Your voice acting seems alright, but sometimes you speak a little bit quieter than some of the other lines. Speaking at a consistent volume will make your voice acting clear and easy to understand. This will be especially useful in the communication scenes as the static effect garbles things a little bit.

-While the super fast swishes when people walked out of the car were meant to keep up the fast pace of the video, spending a bit of extra time on the animation will definitely add to the quality of the project.

Keep up the good work!

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sirtasket responds:

Thanks for the advice. Everything you said is valid, and i understand what needs to be fixed.
I did rush it, only because I guess I was to excited to make it and upload this. And yea, It would be good to put a "until next time" or something to verify there would be second part to avoid confusion towards the end. I'm not sure if there would be a third one though. So doing that wouldn't be necessary for the second. But ill keep it in mind.
And yea people complain about the voice acting which I totally get, its not that great. But it was my first time, and I don't mean to make excuses but I did just have mouth surgery at the time. So that would have probably been the leading cause of the not so great voice acting.
But ill be sure that all my future animations will be made with much more care and time than this one. I'll be sure to fix the problems I have the best I can, and just progress from where I left off.

Thanks again for the tips! I will try to use them wisely~